Bugs 2.0

I truly wish I could share more of the nature and creatures we see but my binoculars don’t have a camera and the zoom on my phone rarely cuts it. So instead, we just settle for photos of the fantastic moths that flock to our front door on a regular basis:


The number of different moths and their sizes are incredible! That moth pictured on the far right has a wingspan approximately as long as my fingers – probably about 4 inches, which in bug terms is relatively huge! He may also be my new favorite bug… those small squares in the middle of the darker stripe on both sides is actually see-through! If you look closely in the picture below you can see how his left square is tan-ish (the same color as the window/curtain behind it) and his right square is blue-ish (the same color as the wall behind it.


Not pictured are the lightning-quick spiders with legs that reach about 2-inches, the creepy millipede thing that was curled in my shower this morning, or the 1.5-inch-long cockroach-thing that drowned himself in a pot of water on our kitchen counter this week.


sourced from giphy

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