An Introduction by Jon

When the Fischer Fellowship program was launched 5 years ago, I made a mental note to participate “when the time was right.”  The only problem was, life seemed to keep getting in the way: buying a condo, major family milestones, friend’s weddings, saving for an engagement ring….

So when I mentioned this program to Allie, and she responded with “why haven’t we done this yet!?” I was slightly taken aback because we are at the core, homebodies (see post below). But, once we started talking in more detail, the more excited I got and we quickly realized this was the perfect time:

  • I’ve received a wealth of experience and training in 11 years at West Monroe Partners that I’d like to apply to new challenges.
  • After years at the same firm, this will force me into new habits in work approach and daily rhythms.
  • I’ve never lived outside of Washington – this will expand my world views and I’ll experience a new culture
  • The opportunity to do this together with my wife – having someone else to lean on and share this with.

The Fischer Fellowship supports West Monroe employees in taking a leave of absence to volunteer for meaningful global causes – and ensures my job when I return!

As Fischer Fellows we will be spending the months of September-December in The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly called Swaziland but renamed by the King in April 2018) assisting Tsandza Weaving and their sister companies with marketing and business development/planning.

More details to come on the actual projects and undertakings.